Each summer thousands of young people come to Latham Springs Camp to spend one of the most enjoyable and life-changing weeks of their lives! Youth and Children’s ministers and leaders from different churches plan and program their individual weeks for worship, bible study, and spiritual enrichment. The Latham Springs staff works with each group to provide excellent facilities, food service, and recreation.

This well-planned and supervised retreat environment produces a meaningful time so youth can safely interact with each other, benefit from mature Christian leadership, and experience a concentrated time of spiritual reflection that we pray leads to life-long, productive Christian living.

2023 Summer Camp Schedule

June 4th-8th | WILD Week
7th-12th Grade


June 8th-12th | Wired

Jeremy Lewis  979.229.2876

7th-12th Grade

 June 12th-16th | Camp Refuge

7th-12th Grade

June 16th-20th | Collide Youth Camp
7th-12th Grade

June 20th-24th | AIM Preteen Camp

Patrick Knowlton  254.697.6505

3rd-6th Grade

June 26th-30th | Rescue Youth Camp

7th-12th Grade

July 9th-13th | WILD Week
7th-12th Grade


July 13th–17th | Next Level Kidz Kamp
3rd-6th Grade

Church Registration

July 17th-21st | Breakthrough Preteen Camp

3rd-6th Grade

July 21st-24th | RA Camp

Brad Blanchard  254.640.0219

July 21st-24th | GA Camp

Cheryl Ely  254.541.9160
1st-6th grade

Let's have some fun!

Fun activities for campers include ropes challenge course, swimming pool, field games, three-person swing, paintball course, waterfront activities, and so much more.

Fear of being bored this summer

What to bring with you to Latham Springs

What you bring with you can have a big impact on how much you enjoy your time at Latham Springs. One way to ensure that you have a good time at camp is to bring the things that you need to be safe, healthy, and comfortable. Take a minute to think about what you want to bring and what you should really leave at home. Here are some of our best suggestions. Get a printable list similar to the one below.


Personal Items

  • soap
  • toothpaste, toothbrush,
  • mouthwash
  • deodorant
  • grooming must-haves
  • Q-tips
  • towel, washcloth (best to bring an extra)
  • sleeping bag/bedroll, pillow
  • If ya want … rubber ducky, AXE body spray

Anything Else?

  • alarm clock
  • flashlight
  • ear plugs (in case your neighbor snores)
  • seasonal jacket
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • camera
  • money (for gift shop or concession stand)
  • ** Bible **
  • notebook/journal, pen
  • worship materials
  • if ya need ‘em … teddy bear or G.I. Joes



What to Wear

  • weather appropriate clothing
  • extra clothes to get dirty – JUST in case!
  • swimwear, if participating in water recreation
  • ladies: one-piece swimsuits
  • gentlemen: swim SHORTS
  • pj’s
  • extra socks and undergarments
  • flip flops, comfortable tennis shoes
  • hat, sunglasses


  • cell phones (not a good signal at camp anyway)
  • expensive personal belongings
  • iPod/MP3 player


Bring your ministry to Latham Springs!